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Well known for their particular brand of upbeat offbeat riddim, Garrangali band combine traditional songlines and rolling basslines to inspire old and young alike. They are on tour launching their new saltwater ska & reggae album: ONE VOICE, which is a representation of their genuine clan band live sound, revealing the strength and passion of living culture in NE Arnhem Land. You’ll get your body grooving to their contemporary remix of traditional songlines, plus there will be a workshop prior to the show where you can learn and practice the dance moves for their latest release “Five Songlines Remix” including crowd favourite Muthu Muthi (beachworm) and Gara (spear) songlines! Check their website! GARRANGALI.COM.AU
They have a history to be proud of, taking Song of the Year (Sea Rights), Album of the Year (Garrangali) & Artwork of the Year (Garrangali) and the Traditional Music Award (Sea Rights Bunggul) at the NIMAs. Since then Garrangali have been wowing crowds for over 10 years with their infectious grooves combined with proud and meaningful lyrics about deep creation stories and political issues. Their focus has been on Arnhem Land performances with a recent tour and regular shows at significant festivals such as Garma (Gul'kula), Yarrapay (Yirrkala) and One People One Voice (Groote Eylandt).
With the catchy grass roots title track single One Voice released in October 2020 the band went on tour, and was the only live show that toured through Arnhem Land in 2020! There were cultural, logistical, social and Covid-19 challenges but as Garrangali travelled overland they succeeded in lifting the hearts of Yolngu and the wider community of NE Arnhem Land (Miwatj region) as well as Central Arnhem Land and West Arnhem Land. They connected songlines and totems and strengthened clan ties in a very significant spiritual journey for a homeland clan band; who are primarily Madarrpa Clan, as well as the Rirritjingu clan and yothu yindi family relationships. Garrangali band were supported by performances from other awesome acts at Maningrida by Sunrize Band and Narbelek Band; at Ramingining with bands led by Martin Gaykamungu and Tony Batju and by emerging artists East Life; at Yirrkala by Larry Gurruwiwi and Jurxn and in their Homeland by Eylandt Band and Enungkwerrimanja (Salt Lake) Band, both from nearby Groote Eylandt. The youth of their communities and their Elders are very important and this project has benefited them by allowing the continuance of culture and fostering pride in their clan nation. Their songs are an encyclopaedia containing sacred knowledge, hunting knowledge, relationship laws and many other important information including the Sea Rights story (Blue Mud Bay High Court win 2009). After their Arnhem Tour tour Garrangali dropped a second single Tongues of the Fire, a version recorded with the sound and dynamics of their live concert shows. The upbeat “saltwater ska” track with a mix of Yolngu and English lyrics with soaring harmonies and tasty guitar solos has received good attention and airplay across Australia with Guardian Australia placing it right next to AC/DC’s release in Australia’s best new music playlist in January 2021. It was nominated for NIMA in 2021. They released their sophomore album in 2022 and toured it to the East Coast, pumping their new release “Five Songlines Remix” which is actually a contemporary live mix of five consecutive songlines which simply goes off on home turf. To help the audience, the band will be taught the actions for these traditional dances before the show! A Five Songlines Video is coming soon.